It's not the size of your bar that counts; it's what's behind it. And at The Woodstock Arms we're notoriously particular about what we serve - after all, it's what makes our extensive drinks range the jewel in our crown.

We procure the purest vodkas, the crispest gins, the finest wines and the best speciality beerscask ales and lagers to offer you an unparalleled line-up of liquid refreshments. Even with a drinks list as illustrious as ours, we still like to create a few of our own - from marvellous Bloody Marys to aid your Sunday convalescence, to special recipe mulled wine in the winter and homemade soft-drinks in high summer.

What's more, all our tipples wash down a treat with our seasonal food menu.

Our real ales are Cask Marque accredited, of course